Company Profile

At Uni-Metal we have been working side by side with retailers for over 40 years, and over that time we have evolved with them. We know that there is more to fitting out a shop that putting up a few shelves.

At Uni-Metal we seek to strike a balance between quality, design and the most profitable way of using your selling area. To that end, we have in-house design and R & D departments that work day by day to improve and develop our products.

Our Mission

“Improving the quality of work and life”

It is not a mere slogan, but the statement of our tangible will, which embraces all our company's activities. This concept takes form in a full range of retail furniture.

Uni-Metal furniture expresses the culture and values of a company committed to ergonomics, technological innovation. At the same time, it satisfies individual needs and wishes through a simple character that originates from our long experience and in-depth research.

Furniture to arrange, contain and protect as well as to organize and divide the most diverse spaces. The specialization in metal processing is an integral part of Uni-Metals philosophy. Versatile, sturdy, unalterable, attractive & recyclable metal is in perfect tune with our corporate ethics and principles. Moreover, Uni-Metal research optimizes the potential of each type of metal: the versatility of sheet steel, the sturdiness of stainless steel, in order to create furnishing systems that are more and more innovative, pleasant & livable